Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Jobs

For Jessica and anyone else who cares:

Job One: 
I work on Tim Bridgewater's campaign.  He is a candidate for U.S. Senate running against Senator Bob Bennett as well as the other candidates (der).  The office is in a beautiful old farmhouse in South Jordan and I actually don't mind the drive.  After I memorized every song on the radio I started getting books on CD from the library and there are days when I get excited to hit rush-hour traffic so I can just sit and listen.  Nerd? I know.  What I do? Everything and anything. Run errands to get stamps/tape/food , schedule events, call delegates/county chair people/chambers/etc., proof read, help set up events/attend events, answer the phone, gather volunteers, gather information, etc. Campaigns are great. Events are intense and a lot of fun.  I get to meet all these random, great, brilliant people. I make friends with the other candidates campaign workers and we chat while I wear my red Bridgewater t-shirt and they sport their "I like Mike" pins or hand out "Bennett Mints".  I'm not really politically inclined but I like my job and am learning more and more everyday.  Coworker Randy (affectionately called Randers-we ninja fight), also known as 'Randy the Republican', is wonderful to me and explains anything I want to know.  I can ask him any 'dumb question' about politics and he kindly explains it simply but without insulting my intelligence.  I love sitting around and hearing everyone discuss political issues and politicians that I know very little about-it's entertaining and educational though I may leave with a "Politics according to Greg-Adam-Randy" view of everything.  

Job Two:
I am on call as a mentor at a treatment center down in Mapleton called Discovery Ranch. I love love love this job and Political Job has been nice enough to let me work at DR occasionally.  I mostly just hang out with the kids, keep them in line, talk to them, and take head count.  The kids are seriously so incredible and I adore them.  It is definitely hard and disappointing whenever they try and pull anything stupid such as running away or stealing cough syrup and its heartbreaking to hear their stories but that just comes with the job and I wouldn't trade it for anything (though I have to for Bridgewaterness-the curse of having to have a reliable job). 

Anyway.  That is how I spend my life now and do I love it? Yes.  Am I doing what I love? Different question...Work wise? Sometimes. In life? Yes.  I fill my little free time with the things and people I love and really, I'm incredibly happy.  

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