Friday, April 23, 2010

Running Tour

Nearly every day we take to the street of The Prov and fall in love with the lil gems we find. So one day we just took my crappy camera with us and documented a few. This is really only a glimpse of 1% of the things we see and talk about but hey, 1% of one hundred billion dollars wouldn't suck...

We love blossoms. LOVE. Them.

Pretty trees. Pretty mountains. Pretty 7-Peaks? Sure.

This is why I love Utah springs and summers...
So. These are the most beautiful blossoms ever. Magnolias. We saw them and had to stop running to investigate. And by investigate yes, I mean knocking on a random door and asking what kind of tree it was. We talked to the sweetest older man and woman ever for like 15 minutes. Felt like we were all great friends and they even invited us to rest on their bench (see below) because "Sometimes exercise is a waste of human energy," to quote our new best friends.

Dangling blossoms. Oh hey, I'm in a fairy tale.
Brooke hides. 
And eats...?

So every time we run by this-I want to jump and grab it and swing about for a bit. So I did.
She's so strong...
Urban chic. Sweat totally goes with that, right?

 To quote Brooke "Is that NOT the creepiest thing you have ever seen?"
Reminds me of London. And caution tape is always cool. And I'm awkward. Modeling future killed.


  1. so were you running for like 6 hours? all times of day in these photos

  2. Haha no. We left probably around 7:30 and finished up around 9:15. With this lovely weather we typically get all stages of daylight during our runs.