Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh McGraw...

This is the thing...I'm not crazy big into country. I don't mind certain songs. And there are a few that sneak their way into my head/heart...and so...

I was enjoying my morning commute today, alternating between listening to my book and the radio, when Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying" flooded into Coche. And I loved every second of it because A) He has a lovely voice. B) I like the melody. C) And the message (Cheesy? I know-thank you very much).

Get Inspired.

"My line" is...

And I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter and I gave forgiveness I had been denying"-

So yeah-live like you are dying. Give your all. Risk. Be happy. Breathe. Jump. Experience. Belt out country songs as you drive to work. Laugh while running. Love. Jump off things. Hike. Move where you feel drawn to. Try new foods. Pull pranks (of the friendly variety). Climb. Make new friends. Grow. Bake. Create. Feed your friend with giant wooden utensils.


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  1. you're precious. And you should listen to Lady Antebellum. Sometimes you just need some good poppy country.