Thursday, July 29, 2010

We have a problem...

Pretzel M&M's...apparently the new rage and I'll admit it-I saw them at Sam's Club and then began a 2 week personal mission to find them not in bulk. I found them. I rejoiced. I tried them. I deliberated. I decided to be slightly disappointed.


The true disappointment comes with Coconut M&M's. Because they are truly amazing. Classy even. And they can only be found in the small bags. No pound bags. No party bags. No Costco bulk of sweet goodness. Just the little check-out line sized bags.

Dear M&M's-I love you but please right this wrong...

Though I'll admit it-I love the Pretzel M&M's commercials. I see them while I watch LOST (Season 1 Episode 19 tonight-) and chuckle-that Orange M&M is goofy/charming.

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