Monday, August 9, 2010

Hodge Podge

Hey world/Michael (I'm writing to avoid the angry text messages...)

It's me. It's late. I'm feeling rambley. Doesn't take a mathematician to put this one together,'s time for a list.

-See that picture up there? A little further...yeah...Kettle's worthy of some sort of praise. Basically all the good things in the world combined Power Ranger style and fell into a bag more appropriate for bubblegum.

-I snatched my favorite blanket from The Tav over's a patchwork of perfection.

-"1984" is great. And thought provoking. And a million other things...I like to think I wouldn't break. That I would never give up the one I love. That I could endure endless pain to protect those closest to me. But rumor has it that everyone breaks eventually...

-I could wear the same outfit everyday and be happy. My closet should look like those KitKat commercials where the entire vending machine is filled with wafer goodness. White v-neck. Jeans. Toms. Winter modification: Ugg Moccasins and a hoodie.

-Speaking of...I believe that KitKats are the most underrated candy in the world. Also, throw them on ice cream and they reach their full potential.

-I'm bringing 'psych' back. Spread the word. Fan the wild fire.

-My life feels like a completed puzzle with my new job.
Sniff "Smells like space."
"Oh. Well what does space smell like?"
"And what does gravity smell like?"
"Well naturally..."

-The Bellagio water show...Mmm...are there words? I submit that there are not.

-We all make choices. We all make mistakes. Shrug. And we forgive and we ask for forgiveness. And that's okay.

-I'm grateful for: Lotion. Music. Stars. Spoons. Hope. Friends. Children. Books. Fruit. Family. Learning. Laughter. Water. Samples.


  1. As I'm sure you are aware the devil always counterfeits that which is good. Thus you can see Popcorn = good, Kettle Corn = Devil's counterfeit. I still love you, but I don't love your sinning ways. Please know I'm here for you at this trying time, you CAN overcome Kettle Corn! Call me anytime you need my help.

  2. Sometimes I'm worried we are the same person. Err excited!!