Friday, June 19, 2009

Big bowls of Cereal and "A Fine Frenzy"

I loved reading before I loved any boy. Or thought I loved any boy. I don't know if it was our basement full of books or if it was watching the Beast give Belle a sparkling library but I always find something magical in between the pages. There is this thrill I get when I walk into a library or a bookstore. It feels like possibility.

The taste of Crystal Light is the taste of jumping on a trampoline. But not just any trampoline. A trampoline with the sprinkler beneath it causing shrieks of joy to burst from two young girls who reflected in each rainbowed drop of refreshing water, The maple trees over head throwing down dappled shadows.

New contact day is a good day. As is new razor day. Combine the two, which I did today, and it becomes a day of hygienic epic proportions.

I love that I open my freezer and staring back at me are multiple things of ice cream of differing sizes, brands, and flavors. Almost as much as the fact that I love that about 2 weeks ago I decided that I deserved Breyer's Rocky Road. So I bought a gallon and threw it in the freezer for a time when I really craved it-because any food, and especially Breyer's Rocky Road tastes the best when you really want it and not when you are just eating it to eat it. The next day Mindy came back to the apartment after being at a family camp out. As she walks in the door, and after our excited greeting, she says "So I bought this to show you how much I love you..." and pulls a gallon of heaven out of a bag. I just started laughing and dragged her to the freezer where I showed her the matching gallon I had purchased the day before. Roommate connection? I vote yes.

Sporadic? Random? I know.

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  1. I love new contact day! Also if anyone built me a library with a sliding ladder I would be theirs forever.