Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We Don't Get Two Lives to Live

So I didn't finish my "book" thought completely yesterday for many various reasons. I was eating a huge bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and was sprawled slightly uncomfortably on my living/family room floor, typing as quickly as possible as to relieve the pressure from my rib cage. Change position? No way.

And so...

Reading grounds me. The sometimes fictional stories of made up characters in made up places, or the real life tales of people I aspire to be as strong as, calm me and center me. My life can be seeming to spin out of control with different stressors coming from all different directions and all I have to do it pick up a book for a few minutes and suddenly, all the puzzle pieces seem to fall into perfectly planned places I never knew existed. It is not the escape though. A road trip to Califoria? A well timed escape-but reading, no. I read and everything else becomes clear.

Music has a similar affect/effect ( I still haven't learned the difference...) on me. Rachael Yamagata's newer album, along with Missy Higgins', have been my listening material of choice lately. I stumbled upon a quote from Rachael Yamagata (that I believe is in regards to her first album) that I fell in love with:

"I try my best to write of love and pain and explore how we humans treat each other, and what our souls are trying to get out at the same time. Performing is my meditation; writing my traveling companion. These songs are as truthful and in the moment as I could be at this point i my life. They are observational, touching, but with a sense of hopefulness that ever piece, and each bit of pain, has a reason. So that nothing is wasted. The never can be happenstance."

Thank you, RY. Thank you.

Ear/Soul Candy...

Rachael Yamagata
-The Only Fault (Hidden Track)
-Over and Over
-What If I Leave

Missy Higgins
-Where I Stood
-Going North

The Format
-Time Bomb
-She Doesn't Get It
-Dog Problems

A Fine Frenzy
-Hope for the Hopeless
-The Minnow and The Trout
-Almost Lover (
One of the most genuinely depressing songs I have ever heard).

Imogen Heap
-Hike and Seek

...to name a few...

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  1. oh my goodness. I can listen to imogen heap hide and seek over and OVER AND OVER!!!! Are you watching SYTYCD this season? Are you still working at BYU ops...I need an update!