Monday, August 24, 2009

It's what I do...

With the Utah sun beating down hotter than ever it seems to be a cruel trick that "Summer" is coming to an end with school starting up in a week. And while the new time segment of "Fall" brings on a plethora of changes one of the main ones I keep thinking about it reading. That's right. I'm a nerd. My time of pleasure reading is tapering out and I'm hoping that somehow I'll be able to fit "The Devil in The White City" and "One Hundred Years of Solitude" into the next 7 days...or at least finish them up before the Library asks for them back...I seriously doubt this is going to happen. Anyway, ramblings aside...I present my "Here Be The Books Becca Read" list from the past 4 months. Not as long as I'd hoped but still enjoyable-

-The Uncommon Reader (thin, light, and amusing...and seemed like an appropriate warm up for the summer as it's about a reader, okay-the Queen of England, who jumps from book to book with feverish excitement, spending most of her time either locked away with each new treasure or at least thinking about it).
-An Ordinary Man ( which made me wonder what I would do and want to be a stronger woman).
-Speak (rereading is always full of comfort-it's like coming home).

Insert 8 weeks of school here...text book reading...

-The Book Thief (Which made me marvel at literary genius, hate war, and love love and its many facets).
-A Tree Grows in Brooklyn ( which made growing up seem less and less glamorous...and guess who is in the process of growing up).
-Harry Potter 6 (which made me want a flying broomstick and an invisibility cloak).
-Harry Potter 7 ( which made me wonder about the true power of love).
-My Sisters Keeper (which caused me to bond with the lady sitting next to me on the plane as we both fought tears).
-The Hunger Games ( which caused the screams of others responsibilities to seem to quiet as I sprawled in my pajamas for hours on end, racing through each chapter).
-The Kite Runner ( which broke my heart each time I turned a page).
-The House on Mango Street (which made me fall in love with words again and long to write away my life).
-My Name is Asher Lev (which is beautiful and for some reason, at times, chilling...).

The End.

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