Saturday, May 16, 2009

I know, right?

Voices are everything to me. If I like the way someone talks I'm drawn to them. If I don't...well, it works in the opposite direction as well. And while the voice is vital (pretty much 80-90% of the equation) it's also the way they word things, their sentence construction. The words they choose, the questions they ask, the way they answer. And it doesn't have to be eloquent. It just has to feel right as it collides with my ear. And I love those moments. It's just a small lil joy, kinda like No Bake Cookies and Capri Sun's during a kickball game.

I miss Midwestern storms. Real bad. A teaser of a storm slipped on through Utah Valley last night and it's gentle breeze mocked me. Remember when the sky would turn from clear blue to black in 3 minutes? Or when the rain came down so hard that I couldn't even see the end of my driveway? Or when all the creeks would flood and driving involved dodging fallen branches? Or when the thunder would cause the house to tremble, books to tip over, and you could feel it reverberating in your sternum? Yeah...Some find storms scary, I find them brilliant.

So I'm definitely on a Kick Ball Intramural team with the most amazing people in the world. Our first game was last week and while we lost 6-18 (actually I have no idea if that was the final score, those are just the last numbers I heard...), it was absolutely, hysterically fun! I led the warm up jog and we all circled around Elyse for team stretches. On our sideline we had the team, an additional 15 people from our ward who came to support, Mindy's brother with speakers pumping incredible music, cookies, and Capri Sun's (mentioned above), and we were all talking, dancing, and joking around. The other team? Stood with their arm's crossed. So yeah, they beat us but I don't think any of us even cared. Our team rules? I'll tell you...

1. Have fun! (We would yell "Remember Rule 1" whenever the boys/men (right?) would get frustrated.)
2. Keep the ball on the ground.
3. When you screw up Rule 2, go back to Rule 1.

Team picture of love and joy and awkwardness...I love my Mizzou shirts...and Randy's shorts...

Team con sus amigos! We may or may not have dog piled on them...Thanks to Sarah Beth for always being ready with camera-

We had a ward activity this past Saturday-awesome. We had tinfoil dinners (my hands smelled like onions for a solid 24 hours after helping build 80 of them...) which were, oh you know, pretty much life changing! Plus a wiffle ball game to rival all wiffle ball games. McMindilicious is a baller (balla' ?...I'm from suburbia...) and I'm real good at hitting foul balls and standing in the outfield with my arms crossed.

P.S. 4-Square for life.

Welp, that's a lot of sports chatter but hey, it's summer in Provo...


  1. The above said storms you speak of... last week I was wishing they would stop! haha. Michael and I were talking about how weak Utah is when it comes to storms though when we were driving home from church and trying not to hydro-plane and could barely see!

  2. Mizzou shirt! All I remember is driving to your house during that scary storm. Like woah a storm that actually legitimately frightened me - but really, that lightning sounded like it could crack Elvis in two.