Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trenches in Sand Boxes

"Turn to Stone"-Ingrid Michaelson.

...will change your life.

Welcome to summer. It's full of BBQ's, outdoor movies, and 4-square games that are life changing! Last night I was sprawled on my quilt, staring up at the sky while the people surrounding me all stared at the screen in front of us. The silhouette of the tree branches interrupted my view, a weaving of dark shapes, and it was absolutely lovely. I just sort of breathed. In. Out. In. Out. Welcome to summer.

You know how in movies they show people talking to themselves in the mirror? Yeah. I don't do that. But I do think to myself in the mirror. And every morning I slip out from under my red covers, put in my contacts, splash some water on my face and then look up and think "It's all a process". Breathe. And then pull up my hair and run out the door to the gym. But really. Everything is a process. Life is a process. Making friends, getting in shape, learning a topic, reading a book, healing (yes, I'm the most clumsy person in the world-see bruised hip, scarred up legs, and tiny cuts that seem to appear out of no where...), understanding, growing, everything. It's a process. So that's my summer theme. Maybe my life theme.

Favorite teacher moment from the week:

Poetry teacher. Fountain pen. Stroking and calling it his "precious". I. Love. My. Major. But really-I sit in class and just laugh while my fellow students and I all exchange amused looks. This man is brilliant.

Other brilliantness in my life: Vanilla Frosty and blackberries. Yummed.

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  1. I totally wanted to write with fountain pens when I was little. I'm still trying to get over being born in the wrong decade, but I think I would find this professor of yours to be a kindred spirit. And I wrote my grandma a note with a quill and mulberry "ink" aka juice. Nerded out.