Friday, May 1, 2009

Relocation is kinda fun...

I knew I liked reading and so, I knew I liked books. What I didn't know was that I own a million.

So I moved today. Clothes, put away. Toiletries, put away. Kitchen stuff, mostly put away. Books, not so much. And yet I still have to keep telling myself not to go to DI and browse, looking for my next love affair...

Owning a book is so much better than-well-not. I can write in the margins, underline brilliant passages, and throw in a few Post-it notes if the desire arises.

List of observations from the day/week:
-Familial loyalty is ummm...awesome.
-Flip flips can cause blood shed.
-So can closet ear is still recovering.
-Fire places should be in every apartment. Every one. Ever.
-I smell like lavender...Mmm body wash.
-I should be a freaking detective. It appears to be a talent of mine...
-There are different ways of being happy.
-My fingers are raw from playing the guitar but its the best pain I have ever experienced. Yup.
-I'm a Knock Out/Lightning champion. Not really. But sorta.
-I have a line from Mean Girls stuck in my head...Oh Gretchen Wieners..."You can't sit with us!"

Foil dinner places...awesome...


  1. I really like unpacking. It must be my sick love for organization. The only way I keep down my book collection is by giving almost all of them away. Book swapping is the way to be.

  2. When the crap did you get a blog and how come I didn't know about it??!! I'm so glad you commented on mine so that we can be blog buddies! yay!!! Megan Lavin

  3. To what does the "familial loyalty" comment refer?